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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Somewhere in the Kumaon Himalayas...

Is this idyllic place..
Mayavati Advaita Ramkrishna Ashram...
situated at about 8000 feet...
In the background is the path leading to Dharamgarh...the pakdandi strewn with dried oak leaves...
And blazing rhododendrons by the side...
And fromthis building surrounded by forests...
the greatest philosophical ideas have emanated

Monday, December 8, 2008

DON'T read too DEEPLY into this blog, BUT..

You see, this blatant Blog is a bit like a heady cocktail mixture of "Alice in Wonderland" , "Ho-Jo-bo-ro-lo" , "Abol Tabol" , J.K. Rowling writing in a bad mood while sitting in a corner of a certain cafe sipping cofee, Ruskin Bond writing while intoxicated, taking in the scent of the deodars..

Readers of this Blog (& some other blogs ;-) have been divided into 2 groups - LAYMAN/PASSERS-BY & SOME SPECIAL PEOPLE..You might fall into ANY GROUP..

This particular blog has been INTERPRETED / MISINTERPRETED by many..here's the CLARIFICATION I OWE YOU GUYS..

1. LAYMAN / ORDINARY READER /PASSERS-BY - Just enjoy the Nonsense..preferably with a 2 pints o' Rum or Whisky. Don't read too deeply into this Blog. This and a few other Blogs have the POTENTIAL to drive you CRAZY ;-) Because try as you might, you won't be able to DECIPHER the NONSENSE. Heh, heh..


Disclaimer : I have a 100+ listing of people to whom I auto-forward my blogs..Different blogs are meant for different people..Sometimes, in a hurry, I mix up my lists..So, kindly DO NOT BE OFFENDED if you receive this in your e-mail..Do e-mail me if you want to be put off my list.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bunty and Babli..movie scene goes on..revelation

OMG..Even the names are similar..Bunty and Babli..Haaai..
After the "Kajra re" dance.. Amitabh Bacchan, (India's numero uno actor)..drunk, moving along with Bunty and Babli..all drunk..2 hrs 5 mins about into the movie..

Amitabh saying.."Aur, aur..un dono ko bhul giya"..heh,heh..

2 hrs 6 mins. 20 secs..into the movie ..Bubli asks "Apne apna naam nehi bataya?"

Amitabh.."Dasrath Singh, Deputy Commisioner of Police"

..Babli,still lovely, after all those years.."Aap policewale ho ?"

Wearing the same set of clothes, always..but Amitabh's acting is still fantastic, after all these years

..BTW, friends, readers, netizens..hope you're following ALL my 20 + blogs..Haaaai...

Disclaimer : I keep changing my auto-forwarding list so often....sometimes in a hurry
forget revising the names...hope this doesn't reach the wrong person....hope you go through ALL my blogs 'n' enjoy the new look..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BUNTY aur BUBBLY..Good Comedy Movies being made..

Kya karega..response bohut'ee indirect hai..To..Anyway, "Bunty aur Bubbly" is one of the most entertaining comedy films I came across..

28 mins 15 secs..comedy in Indian movies have come of age, it seems..found this quite funny..Rani Mukherji's my favorite actress..beautiful scene..railway ka chai kitna din nehi piya, I mean U.P.'ka..they are making good comedy movies nowadays.. Snapshot :

35 mins into movie..this was most hilarious, very funny..Bubbly realizes..integration of the fantasy world with reality(?)..more fun later....should have played "Last Christmas" on the dancefloor scene later..heh,heh

Alana..you can show it to your boyfriend Singh..movie's near his hometown, I guess..

Disclaimer: I keep changing my auto-forwarding list so often....sometimes in a hurry forget revising the names...hope this doesn't reach the wrong person..hope you go through ALL my blogs 'n' enjoy the new look

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fanaa the Movie...and Globalization Challenges

Reality Check 1 : We are living in a Globalized World.
Reality Check 2 : Globalization means intermingling of cultures, sub-cultures..
Reality Check 3 : Intermingling = Clashes of Civilizations.

Fanaa the Movie..directed and dialogues by Kunal Kohli..touches inner depths of individual psyche, deeper "DOUBLE MEANINGS" of collective cultures and sub-cultures...which are very difficult to understand. How many people on earth understand those meanings??
Of course...let me touch the theatrics / beautiful script first...

after 29 mins.. "...ab aisei tum Delhi dekhogi"...
30 mins 30 secs "ab tumhe darr lag raha hai"...
then again, encore 2 hours 5 minutes... "ab tumhe darr lag raha hai"...
....of course Kajol's slow realization / suspicions before hand were beautifully portrayed.
think this is Aamir Khan's best also...
Minutes : 1 hr 27 mins..The chopper where captain Ranjeev (Aamir Khan) says..."..Jung me jaan dene wale sipahi ko jannat hasil hote hai..." ......how many of us know that both would embrace eternal martyrdom...according to Aamir Khan's philosophy... ????

or 26 minutes 30 seconds..with Kajol inside the autorickshaw ..."bekhudi ka zindaagi hum jiya nahi karte...." as in the snapshot below:

But, mainly...it is one of the greatest love story movies I've ever seen..
....to be continued

Disclaimer : I keep changing my auto-forwarding list so often....sometimes in a hurry forget revising the names...hope this doesn't reach the wrong person....hope you go through ALL my blogs 'n' enjoy the new look

Sunday, September 21, 2008

These Indian Idol contests...

Heard Sonali Bendre would be one of the judges....she might be qualified really well..but what about the contestants ?

I slight quiver in the voices of the male contestants can have them disqualified...

image source of sonali bollywoodgallery.com :

Is it fair to have a really talented male singer to get distracted and lose in the process ? Food for thought indeed...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yesterday night, I had sweet dreams...of Marisa Tomei

Yesterday night, I had sweet dreams...of Marisa Tomei

Image source brittanica.com :

Yeah...that's her as in the movie "My Cousin Vinny"....

You see, this property dispute case has been dragging on due to some Joe..hold it, hold it...my keyboard's jammed up again. Where do I begin ?

Anyway, I dreamt....that I was Joe Pesci...a lawyer. Yeah, that's me. And I was defending

the property dispute myself....and of course,
there was Marisa...
Anyway, she looked lovely..Marissa Tomei..Lady in Black.

For all ya female readers out there...try out this outfit. Check it out on the roads.
I'm suuuurrre...like Joe Pesci said in the movie "My Cousin Vinny".....you'll find you look damn attractive.

Heh, heh...those arguments between Joe Pesci and his girlfriend made it more memorable.
Now...why do I feel like Joe Pesci, huh?

So, this Lady in Black was saying to me.."The Bureau has the records. All the records! Why are you worrying about Biman or the other two?"

I was as dumb as Joe Pesci, "What Bureau ?"

Marisa shot back at me, "You are SOOO DUMB." And told me something....

I woke up with a start...

Heck, she also starred in "What Women Want"...saw that...drove Mel Gibson nuts.

Yeah...that's what they do all the time, I tell you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Meditating Cat and Sukumar Roy

Above pic is from a book "Ho-Jo-bo-Ro-Lo" by Sukumar Roy, a legendary writer of Bengal. The drawings are by him...

Lucid dreams......

About this LEGAL CASE of mine. While dozing off, deep from the realms of my subconscious mind.....appeared a vision....

The Cat ! It was always the Cat !
I found the Cat was really somewhere near the premises of the Indian Statistical Institute
! I could not believe that I would find the answer over there.

The Cat had the Answer.....What I thought was the handkerchief, was actually the Cat !
And that's why, having all the Answers, it's got that MISCHIEVOUS look.

So, I started listening to the Cat..sometimes yawning, taking its time...but slowly revealing the Mystery. After all, it could afford to....

Of the 14.5 kottahs of land....
And then the Cat reminded me of one of....one of
My guru, who is younger than me, and is currently in the United Kingdom, was a 'black belt'...he gave me a very important lesson of martial arts :
"Debajyoti, remember always....It's 70% defense, 30 % offense."

Thankfully,I have revealed only 20 % of my LEGAL capabilities.

The Cat really liked it, had a hearty laugh, suddenly swiped at a passing small spider...munched it up, juicy morsel....

And giving me a wink...this Cat said, "Yes, good you've revealed only 20% of your LEGAL capabilities. Have a nice day"

Before yawning, and getting up to take it's evening stroll, the Cat gave a parting shot,

"And congrats that your Dad's excellent piece of work 466 page Book 'Elements of Quantum Mechanics' has been published. Your job as an Editor was O.K."

It then jumped over the fence and disappeared.

I should have guessed...it was Always......the Cat !

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why we, despite our best brains, really can't make much money

And I mean clean, honest money.

  • Primary Reason is Lack of Unity.
  • The Sub-Conscious Desire to Outwit Everybody...since we are the brainiest.
  • Point 2 creating Distrust.....
  • Getting Emotional at everything.
This is why nothing's going to happen here...even if something constructive happens...it'll vanish.

Damn.......I'm tired.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Current Fantasy.....as of now

Is to catch each and every one of those 10+ people, including me......who are connected to this Property dispute case.....legal civil proceedings, that is

And subject everyone....to this series of tests to COME TO THE TRUTH :

  • A Polygraph Lie-detector test. Preferably under sedatives.
  • "Truth Drug" 1.....sodium pentathol
  • "Truth Drug" 2 in session 2.....combo of scopolamine,temazepam and other stuff for interrogation
  • Interrogation by a team of 3 specialists
  • Video-recording of the entire episodes.
  • Analysis of the polygraph chart showing blood pressure fluctuations, retinal analysis, pulse rate, facial muscle analysis, etcetera.
The Truth will come out....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Transcendental Meditation.....zzzzzz


Transcendental Meditation
Lucid Dreaming
Deep Breath Relaxation
Guided Imagery
...............and more and more...................


Rishi Aurovindo & the Meditating Cat
Dalai Lama He Who Scared China
Osho the Message
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and someone with the Beatles
...the Giggling Maharaja

Hmmmm...am analyzing 5 sets of female siblings

Elder Sister versus younger sister.

In all the cases.....there seems to be similarity.

The elder one is pro-establishment, more disciplined, "nice girl", tends to follow a traditional norm...
The younger one is anti-establishment, prone to taking risks, has many boyfriends....


Now I forgot the reason why ? Read a detailed analysis in the newspapers years ago, but can't really recollect.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Enlightening Conversations with Taxi / Cab Drivers

Taxi or Cab drivers probably are one of the best sources of information as to what's going on in the real world.

Reason is :

They talk freely, without any inhibitions....at least the majority, after an initial hiatus of time.

Anyway, I get a myriad of information from them. If you talk to a road side chai (tea) shop stranger....you won't get that much variety.

It's always the friendly cab driver.

But what's bugging is their pessimistic view of the current / near future. This does comes up after some time....a long time, in many cases.

Surprising thing is , a lot of Indian cab drivers have offered me their own interpretations of Global Warming ....from the very funny to quite thought-provoking.

But the recurrent mood...I'd even put it around 60%...is quite pessimistic....even believing that the end of the world / end of human civilization as we know it / severe problems is quite near.

Another thing is they offer you many angles to a certain topic.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poetry can't save this green valley anymore......

So, what will ?

That. my dear netizen, is the question.....

They all tried....Ruskin Bond, Bill Aitkens, Victor Banerji, Ganesh Saili....in this particular location somewhere in the Himalayas....so, so many committed people....

But the stream's a trickle now.....


The tadpoles were missing....
.....I could not find the black beetle whose shield irradiated a wondrous 7 colors

My MEDITATION SPOT has disappeared...
..and it's personal, believe me, it's PERSONAL...as also the LEGAL BATTLE versus these 10 + people

....it's personal, folks....

The very base of the pyramid. was gone...

But if you do know a bit of biology.....

you know.....

who is at the apex ?

So, when the pyramid crumbles.......

the apex will be the first to disappear.

The Real War has Started from Out There....
........the likes of Al Gore are with us..
......as also the above mentioned environmentalists....

Disclaimer : I change my e-mail auto-postings LIST frequently (some 100+ are on the list) ....this has something to do with a personal legal battle we're fighting.....whoever receives this blog posting....don't take it personally, TAKE IT EASY, sometimes it even reaches the world's most powerful people, they don't mind, keep reading 'n' enjoy the LEGAL DRAMA ;-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beautiful, really exquisitely beautiful women feel Insecure , why ? .... part 2

I suddenly decided this blog is NOT going to be thematic basically....that is, not waiting for ideas to flood into my mind regarding certain topics like the above, but FREE - FLOWING THOUGHTS ....yeah, free flow, like the water that can take the shape of any container, any channel through which it flows....I don't want "WRITER'S BLOCK" especially in this blog.

Basically, I guess, a beautiful woman (much better than average looking) should be quite happy. In fact, the average-looking woman is the happiest ! This is because they can make their own choices.

Yes....beautiful damsels who turn everybody's heads....making her confused in the long run.

Hmmmmm....did someone make ME dizzy ? Hi to another Filipina damsel in the U.S....Ms. A d'v' I. See...you're so beautiful you keep worrying about your tresses (hair) grown long again...your patients start having palpitations and you get wrong readings vis a vis their blood pressure.

God, that's why I say.....the fairer of the species are more dangerous ;-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beautiful, really exquisitely beautiful women feel Insecure , why ? .... part 1

An exquisitely beautiful woman, with eyes like deep forest pools. Her frequent radiant smiles can quicken your pulse.

As her luxuriant hair cascades down her face as she bends over ....

Well, you're noticing her all the time.

But, she feels insecure ... This is with MOST beautiful women (there are exceptions, I believe)...


Reason is : like you've glancing at her ....appreciating her beauty...

Think of the thousands of men she faces throughout the day.

She feels confused.....

Who's just appreciating her beauty ?
Who's just lusting after her ?
Who's really interested in her ?

Confusion leads to insecurity.....This fair damsel who'd be good enough to act in the best Hollywood film starrer may be feeling real insecure inside.

Cause she doesn't know who really loves her

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Negative mindset of people of India responsible for LOSS OF FAITH IN THE SYSTEM

Yeah......I fully believe in the above statement I jus' made.

Ram Gopal Verma is undoubtedly a genious film maker, a very artistic guy..I like his "Darna Mana Hai"...real funny...but I really abhor the way the Indian audience flock to see movies like "Sarkar" and the not yet seen "Sarkar Raj".....


Now, I've ben through some REAL ROUGH TIMES lately.......some great greedy guts were out to devour a bit of something that belonged to us and was of monetary value. And these fellers (typical Indians of the previous generation) themselves seems to have NO FAITH in the system...I mean the JUDICIARY, ADMINISTRATIVE & EXECUTIVE.


JUDICIARY= Legal system comprising of lawyers & judges.
ADMINISTRATIVE = Magistrates and stuff who are in administering the units & sub-units
EXECUTIVE. = Police and Investigative bodies

........but I have total faith in the 3....

Only thing is you gotta persevere.....

From first hand experience, I've kind of realized why people go out to see things that openly state that the system has collapsed.

Well, do these city slickers themselves have much experience outside the concrete jungle ?


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fantasies or Dreams.....which are better ?

We have no control over our dreams....

The dream that comes at, say 4 a.m. is probably connected to some event that happened to you .....say 6 p.m. after you were hurrying down back to home. Probably you met someone....

....deeply etched down inside your subconscious......you might find that someone at 4 a.m.....the way you wish, to some extent....

Fantasies !!!

You do have some control......is like daydreaming......maybe you are bored at your desk.....

It could be Transcendental Meditation..............

or could be.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Men versus Women....solution for World Peace

Since time immemorial, Men and Women have fought each other.

Thankfully, nowadays they fight a psychological battle.

But still it goes on and on and on.....over dominance, over relationships, etc etc......

Post feminist revolution, it still goes on ! I say, we guys should surrender....

For women are far superior to us..........for they think with their brains and hearts combined.....

Add to that , we are heading towards a global catastrophe combination of Global Warming, Global Conflicts, and global what not ? Every second cab driver I talk to talks of the End of the World........


So, I say.....

Surrender to women..........let them run all the affairs of the world,
....let them run your Life....
....let them decide what's good for you or what's bad.....
....let them guide you or throw you down the well.....
....let them have total control......
90 % of the Time.


10% of the Time, Men should have the dominance